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The impulse to organise a cycle of Polish - American Conferences on science and economics stemmed from the Polish Government's decision to purchase multitask aircraft for Polish Armed Forces.

The 1st US-Poland Defence Industry Conference took place as early as in March 2002 in Washington, DC, and was attended by representatives of almost the entire Polish aviation sector, the Bumar Group - a leading Polish supplier and exporter of armaments and military equipment, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, and others. The Polish delegation was led by the then Deputy Minister of National Defense Janusz Zemke.

The American side was represented by officials of the Department of State, Department of Defence and Department of Trade as well as high profile companies including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Electric, United Technologies and many others.

The subsequent conferences were hosted alternately between Washington, DC and Warsaw, at the Polish Air Force Headquarters.

The idea of the Polish - American Conferences was welcome by the governments of both the USA and Poland, with post-conference meetings often being held in the Polish Embassy in Washington. The then Polish Ambassador to the United States, Jerzy Koźmiński, offered his full support to this initiative by not only actively participating in official ceremonies but also moderating meetings and discussions outside the formal conference events.

So far, the conferences have focused on presenting and discussing present and future challenges and opportunities for Poland and the USA, including:

  • Offset: mutual understanding and chances for success
  • Cooperation opportunities for science and R&D sector
  • American investment in Poland
  • Local and global security
  • Energy security
  • Medicine
  • Environment protection
  • Defence technologies

The cycle of the Polish - American Conferences aims at deepening the understanding of our mutual needs, strategies, perspectives, motivations and cultural behaviors, as well as at searching new ways of enhancing cooperation amongst the leading research centers in the USA and Poland. What is original about this initiative and its very essence is the fact of its bringing together people who are wholeheartedly committed to the idea of building cooperation and helping Polish-American ties.